What style of Groodle is suited to you?


There are a number of generation types available across all Oodle breeds.

F1 – is a first generation. In the case of the Groodle, this means that your Groodle has a Golden Retriever mother and a Poodle father. Chase the gold pup above, is an example of an F1 Groodle.

F1b – is a second generation. In the case of the Groodle, this means that your Groodle has an F1 Groodle mum and a poodle Dad. Milo (the chocolate Groodle above and Albert the black Groodle above and right) is an example of an F1b Groodle.

F2 – is a second generation Oodle. In the case of the Groodle, this means that both parents are F1 Groodles. Here at YVG, we breed only F1 and F1b Groodles.


Groodles come in three different sizes. These include:

Mini – Can reach up to 45cm at the shoulder and up to 15kg in weight.

Medium – Range between 45cm and 55cm at the shoulder and between 15 to 20kg in weight.

Standard – Over 55cm at the shoulder and over 20kg in weight.


Fleece coat – You will find that the F1 Groodle will most likely always have a fleece coat. This coat can be wavy and/or wiry and loose and not usually too curled. Fleece coats require regular grooming and brushing. It can be prone to matting in the soft furred parts of the body (often behind the ears). During summer, or if you live in hot and humid parts of Australia, your Groodle will need regular grooms and clipping, sometimes as often as every six to eight weeks. F1 Groodles are low shedding, but can still shed a little.

Wool coat – Most F1b Groodles will have a wool coat, this is due to the heavy influence of the poodle parentage. This coat can be heavily curled and soft to touch. Wool coats also require regular grooming, with summer trims and clips a must. Brushing your F1b Groodle once a week will also keep your F1b Groodle soft and knot free. F1b Groodles shed next to no hair, but you may occasionally find “tufts” of fur around the place. They are suited to those prone to dog allergies.


Groodles are happy, and fun loving souls. They are certainly affectionate, friendly and intelligent. Just like the Golden Retrievers they are bred from, they love to please! Groodles are easily trainable and we highly recommend that you start your Groodle journal with your local Puppy Pre-school and move on with obedience training. Due to their love of all things social, these dogs are NOT suitable to be left in a backyard by themselves all day every day and will become destructive if left to their own devices for long periods of time too often. A lack of socialisation within the family unit and an absence of obedience training will cause behavioural issues such as jumping, barking and fear related issues.